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A knowledge clip is a short 5-10 minute video in which one specific subject is being explained. A web-lecture is a recorded lecture or other presentation.

Knowledge clips
- The User’s Perspective

Knowledge clips
- Do-it-yourself studio

Do you first want to know all the do's and don'ts about using and making knowledge clips? Follow a free (online) training:

  • Online training knowledge clips
  • Media training for the benefit of making knowledge clips (in Dutch)
  • Making a knowledge clip: the didactical aspects (COLUU) (in Dutch)
(online) training

You can record your own knowledge clip:

  • In the Do-it-yourself studio.
    The nearest Do-It-Yourself Studios are placed at the International Campus Utrecht (ICU) and KNG 80 (city centre). Here you can record your own knowledge clip free of charge, with or without the use of the available didactic / technical support service.
  • At your own workplace.
    At your one workplace you can use
    MyMediasite web application.

Do-it-yourself studio own workplace Do's and don'ts

There are two REBO lecture halls were you can record your lecture by your self:

  • Bijhouwerstraat 6-8, 0.24 (lecture hall)
  • Kriekenpitplein 1, Auditorium (lecture hall)
  • Other UU lecture halls  (heading: 'recording your own lecture')

It is only possible to record the presentation and the teachers voice. For recording you need a MyMediasite account

Mannend recording
If you want that the university LectureNet service record you lectures free of charge. Use the application form on the Lecturenet website to request a recording. Due to the service’s busy schedule you are advised to do this at least three weeks in advance.

Other UU lecture halls MyMediasite account Lecturenet

  • Students will be able to better prepare for working groups and response lectures. This allows for deeper exploration of the subject matter in the classroom.
  • Students will be able to address their deficiencies (allowing you to start your course at a specific beginners' level).
  • Students will be able to read again any complex material (without you having to explain this to them individually or losing time during lectures).
  • It is an easy way of providing instructions on, for instance, writing an article.
  • It allows you to use the same knowledge clips at different times during the curriculum.
  • It will eventually reduce your work pressure as you will be able to use the recordings for several years yet.